11 Benefits of a Professional Engagement Survey

Your staff’s views are important, so you need to do the right research. Using a professional survey partner has a number of benefits.

  1. Knowing where things stand: If you don’t have a realistic picture of where engagement levels stand in the organization, you can’t take action to improve. A professional survey partner not only helps you conduct the survey but also provides benchmarks from similar organizations, so your results don’t exist in a bubble.

  2. Getting an honest picture from employees: You may be wondering why a professional employee survey is a better way to get honest feedback than, say, asking employees outright what they think of the organization. The truth is that it can be hard to rock the boat. People are often too intimidated to share concerns with their managers, or even human resources. Or they may worry that saying what they really think will be perceived as complaining or whining, and they’ll get penalized when it’s time for performance reviews. By bringing in an objective third party that can assure anonymity to all survey respondents, you get the most honest feedback, which gives you the clearest picture of engagement levels at your organization.

  3. Retaining talented employees: If you know what employees like and don’t like about the organization, and what drives them to come to work for you every day, you know what the organization needs to do to keep top performers happy and engaged in their work. Taking steps to retain your best performers and highly skilled employees can provide your organization with the competitive advantage it needs to sustain itself, even when times are tough.

  4. Saving money: If your organization has no experience in employee surveys, the learning curve is conducting a successful survey and following up on the results will be pretty steep. That means a lot of funds and resources will be invested in simply trying out a survey for the first time. Why not go for the sure thing? TalentMap has proven methods, processes, and tools so you get it right the first time. And we have survey options to suit every budget.

  5. Benefiting from professional advice and experience An experienced firm will not only help you avoid making mistakes during the survey process (and afterwards) but also help you understand the many ways of getting the most value from the process. Our focus at TalentMap is to stay on the leading edge of technology as well as research and survey techniques, and we’ve been doing so for more than a dozen years. We’ve worked with some of North America’s most progressive organizations, and we collect data and do reporting for some of the largest and best-known top-employer awards. If you choose to partner with us, your organization can reap the benefits of our wealth of experience.

  6. Projecting a positive image to customers/clients: Your organization is proud of the work it does, and wants to partner with the best, most reputable organizations. We get that. By partnering with TalentMap, you’re working with a company that knows how to communicate with all levels of the organization and can give expert guidance to human resources, management, and even to a busy and demanding CEO. Plus, conducting an employee survey sends a strong message that the organization cares about its people, their work, and the clients it serves.

  7. Improving and evolving: Making change is one thing. But making change for the better means an organization is interested in improving and evolving to adapt to today’s business and organizational climate. Using a survey tool to know where gaps exist between current engagement and ideal engagement, and then using TalentMap’s action-planning processes to close those gaps, means your organization is progressively making positive changes to its workforce and its bottom line.

  8. Being more innovative: We keep up with our research, and the evidence is huge that engagement levels in an organization are strongly related to higher levels of innovation. The importance of employee engagement is a pretty innovative idea in itself. By taking steps to measure and then improve employee engagement, the organization is on its way to being more innovative – and that’s only one of the many outcomes of improving engagement at your organization.

  9. Improving staff morale: People want to be asked what they think. A professional employee survey invites employees to share what they know about the organization, and it’s a way to show staff that they’re valued by the executive team and managers. Feeling valued improves teamwork and productivity and creates a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

  10. Harnessing staff expertise: Employees do the work every day, and they know what’s going well and what’s not. And they likely have lots of ideas on how to improve processes, create new initiatives, and just make the work environment a better place to be. A professional employee survey gives you a window into this resource, so you can harness the power of employees’ feedback and ideas. TalentMap believes that most employees in the workplace have enormous untapped potential and creativity – just think of all the amazing ideas that your organization may be missing out on right now.

  11. Taking Action and making improvements: Without effective planning and execution of improvement plans, your survey investment won’t bring the desired returns. TalentMap’s sophisticated data analysis can pinpoint areas that need specific improvement, and our action-planning tools can help you implement those improvements. And our research shows that the more employees feel engaged in their organization, the more willing they are to put 100 percent into their work.

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