Is our data secure?

Yes, absolutely.

Individuals who we survey are the lifeblood of TalentMap. Consequently, the protection of individual survey responses is paramount. And, despite wide-spread misinformation, standard Internet technologies provide a solid foundation to ensure the anonymity of individual survey respondents.

TalentMap Security

You, your computer and all computers at your office sit within your company’s network (LAN). Your company’s firewall protects your computer and its identity, from all other computers on the Internet. Your company’s firewall manages the translation of its ONE INTERNET ADDRESS (the one it displays to other computers on the Internet) into the multiple computer addresses that are found within your company’s network and protects your computer from other unwanted forms of access.

TalentMap’s computers (servers) capture your individual survey responses from your company BUT because your company’s firewall translates all computers addresses inside your company’s network into one single computer address we are unable to trace your survey responses back to you or to your computer.

Understanding Internet Technology and How it Impacts Your Privacy

Addresses: Every computer that accesses or delivers data on the Internet requires a unique address. This address is called an IP address.

Firewall: Protects a grouping of computers connected to the Internet. Effectively makes several computers look like one computer to other computers on the public Internet.

TalentMap's Database: Like your computer at your office, our database - where your survey response data is kept - is protected by a firewall. Our database has no direct connection to the Internet. The standard internet port on which it runs is closed to the Internet making it virtually impossible to access from the outside.

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