What is key driver analysis?

Key Driver Analysis is a powerful way to derive business value from your employee survey data. It helps you target improvement efforts to get the 'biggest bang for your buck’ by identifying the key leverage points for improving the engagement at your organization.

How does it work?: A Key Driver Analysis uses a statistical technique known as multiple regression to identify patterns in the responses of employees. By using multiple regression, it is possible to identify which questions have the strongest and most meaningful association with your employee engagement score.

When you prioritize your intervention efforts based on the results of statistical analysis, the results are far superior to simply basing intervention efforts on the lowest scoring items in a survey. Typically the lowest scoring items (like compensation) have a very weak connection with employee engagement, and thus even large investments to improve these low scoring items do not result in large improvements in engagement.

How does TalentMap determine key drivers for my company?

TalentMap has a scientific method for identifying key drivers of engagement for your specific organization. Our methodology takes into consideration the size of your organization, regression analysis, comparison data and overall performance scores.

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