What dimensions do you measure?

Below is a list of our thirteen core dimensions. We also measure Mental Health, and Safety if required for your organization.

**My Role ** A new dimension that clearly focuses on role clarity, sense of accomplishment, skills and abilities utilization and enjoyment of the work itself.

**Systems and Resources ** A new dimension that assesses the extent to which employees have the systems and resources (training, materials, equipment, information, etc.) they need to do their jobs well. This dimension often correlates highly with Team Engagement.

Growth and Development Refers to the attitudes that an employee has with regard to their personal growth, development and career at your organization.

Performance Management Measures the attitudes that reflect an employee’s expectations about how they will be measured and evaluated, and if they feel they receive fair and regular feedback.

**Organizational Culture ** This new dimension includes items that capture several aspects of an organization’s culture that are more intangible than other dimensions in the survey but are very critical and correlate highly with engagement. It includes questions about the organization treating employees with respect and dignity, caring about its people, creating an environment where it’s safe to speak up, operating with integrity, etc.

Immediate Manager Refers to how an employee feels about the behaviours of and relationship with their day-to-day supervisor (ex. manager, foreman).

Compensation Refers to an employee’s satisfaction with different components of their total compensation and if they feel it is equitable given market conditions.

Work/Life Balance Measures if an employee feels they have an appropriate balance between work responsibilities and their personal life, and whether they feel able to have control over their workload.

Teamwork Measures the degree to which an employee feels there is adequate cooperation, collaboration, and team spirit at Your organization. This should be interpreted to mean in the organization as a whole.

Innovation Assesses if an employee feels that Your organization has a commitment to do high quality work and; if new ideas for doing the work are considered and accepted. It also measures if an employee either feels they can learn from mistakes or if they are afraid of trying something new for fear of being blamed for mistakes.

Senior Leadership Measures if an employee feels that information necessary to do their job is readily available and shared in an open and honest manner.

Senior Leadership Assesses the extent to which an employee has respect for the behaviours of and has confidence in the executive leadership of the Your organization (ex. CEO and Senior Vice Presidents).

Organizational Engagement Measures five attitudes, which together are the best predictors of an employee’s willingness to contribute extra effort because they want to.

Diversity and Inclusion (optional dimension) Measures the degree to which an employee feels that diversity and inclusion are respected in the workplace, and whether there is any difference in experience between those with different race, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, perspective/idea, ability or other self-defining characteristic.

Your organization defines:

  • Diversity as the openness to differences in self-identifying characteristics, attitudes, perceptions and behaviours;

  • Inclusion as the degree to which differences are valued and used to improve results

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