What are post-survey coaching check-ins?

The survey is done. The action plan is ready. Enthusiasm is high! Things are changing! But then, reality bites. Other priorities take precedence. Those "engagement" actions can wait.......

This is what happens in most organizations. The major reason action plans fail to get implemented is that the momentum fizzles out. To counter this, TalentMap will conduct a series of "post-survey check-ins" to make sure implementation is on track and to provide the impetus to maintain that momentum.

This is the first of a series of follow-up “check-in meetings” at suggested 3, 6, 9 and 12 month intervals with the leadership team and/or key managers to follow-up on progress with respect to action plan development and implementation.

We recommend this first meeting take place in person. We should plan for it to last 1-2 hours; and the suggested agenda is as follows:

  • Progress on action plan since last meeting

  • Successes, hurdles and pain points

  • Planned activities for the next three months

  • Other action items

TalentMap will also act as an “Employee Engagement Secretariat,” organizing meetings and ensure meetings are documented and circulated.

The Benefits/Deliverables

  • Regular progress meetings endorsed by senior leadership will maximize the probability that action plans are implemented

  • Hurdles, pain points, and bottlenecks can be addressed with assistance from a subject matter expert in engagement

  • An external presence (in TalentMap) will share best practices and experiences from many organizations having experienced similar challenges

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