How our Engagement Drivers Differ from Most

The following set of engagement drivers appear consistently across work published by leading practitioners and academics:Trust and integrity

  1. Nature of the job

  2. Line of sight

  3. Career growth opportunities

  4. Pride about the company

  5. Coworkers/team members

  6. Employee development/training

  7. A personal relationship with one’s immediate manager.

TalentMap measures each of the eight common drivers listed above, albeit using slightly different terminology. We also go beyond simply measuring the drivers of engagement by adding four additional drivers that measure business performance.

This survey model includes additional measures of perception as they relate to:

  1. Customer/client/patient service

  2. Innovation

  3. Work/life balance

  4. Work environment

While these last four dimensions are not always significant drivers of engagement nor do they appear among the eight common dimensions mentioned above, they are significant business performance drivers leading to positive business outcomes. They are also important metrics for any organization that wants to improve both engagement and performance.

By adding these additional four (4) survey drivers, TalentMap’s engagement survey covers areas that are not normally addressed.

There are supplemental engagement drivers that can also be surveyed - for example, health & safety, work diversity, etc. These drivers are not typically key to the success of a corporation but some companies feel that they want to gather facts and data around them. TalentMap can help you survey on a number of these supplemental drivers.

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