How are engagement drivers derived?

Our employee engagement index consists of six items. Two items measure the “Head” the logical connection, two items measure the “Heart” the emotional connection and finally, two items measure the “Hands” – the willingness to put forth extra effort (discretionary effort).

We create a client-specific model that draws a regression analysis to identify the specific dimensions of your workplace that have the biggest impact on improving “Engagement” and thus the biggest impact on overall organizational performance.

We then rank order these “Key Drivers” in order of importance. The following diagram depicts an example of the type of graphic output we generate. The vertical axis indicates your score on the survey item and the horizontal access depicts the relative impact on engagement of that item for your organization. Therefore if the item is in the bottom right – shaded area (low score and high impact) we recommend action.

TalentMap recommends our clients survey at least every two years – see section above on recommended time frame between engagement surveys. Measuring the drivers aligns with timing of the surveys.

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