Schedule a Meeting with your Consultant or Project Manager

To schedule time with your Consultant or Project Manager, you can access their calendars to see availability and eliminate back and forth email.

  1. Access the TM team member's calendar

    • Option A: Click on the Book My Calendar link in the persons email signature.

    • Option B: Log in to Klient and open the task associated with your meeting request. For example, 6.1 HR Preview of Survey Results. Click on the meeting link provided.

  2. Select the meeting option that best fits your needs.

    • Note that an Executive Consultants calendar may require you to choose three time options. The first time selected is usually confirmed, but having alternative options is always beneficial.

  3. IMPORTANT: Add meeting details to your request.

  4. An email confirmation will be sent to you, at the address provided, to confirm your meeting.

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