Previous Period

To add Previous Period (trend) data to your survey, please follow these steps:

  1. From the Compass dashboard, click Admin then Results. *Note the Admin option is only available to your organizations Compass administrator(s).

  2. Click on the title of the survey you would like to add previous period data to.

  1. Click Previous Period in the left column.

  2. Choose the survey that you will map data to from the dropdown list and add a mapping label (typically the year the last survey was done). Click AutoMap then Continue. Automap will do its best to match questions and demographic data from one survey to another.

  1. Once loaded, you will be able to update the mapping of Items (survey dimensions and questions) and Demographics (data from your participant information file). To edit an Item or Demographic, click the dropdown icon and then pencil icon and choose which field(s) will be placed for the previous period survey.

  1. The Properties tab allows you to update the mapping label, hide previous period data from reports, update the reporting column order (if you have created two previous periods) and delete the mapping period entirely.

  1. To add a second previous period, click Add Second Mapping, and then repeat steps 4 & 5.

  1. You can switch between the two previous period surveys by clicking the dropdown just below the survey title.

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