Export Response Rate

Exporting survey response rate slides allow you to show aggregated response counts across demographic groups (i.e Division, Department etc.)

To add a response rate slide(s) to your snapshot export, please follow these steps.

  1. Click Reports > Snapshot. Select a Survey, then click Export. Note: You may apply filters to generate response rate slides for a specific sub-group (ex. you wish to see departments within a Division).

  2. Click the + button, then use the response rate dropdown to select a Demographic.

  1. Click the + button again to add multiple response rate slides by demographics. These slides will be exported in the order they are created on the webpage.

  2. Delete individual selections by clicking the garbage can, or click Clear All in the top right of the window to clear all selections.

Note: The export window will save your selections so that you can apply new filters and quickly run reports with the same response rate demographic groups. These slides are placed below the cover slide in the order they are created.

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