Hide Words & Phrases

Adding hidden words/phrases helps to ensure comment confidentiality and quality of comments for the reader. Importing a list of hidden words and phrases allows you to:

  • Hide commonly use short words / phrases such as "n/a" or "all good"

  • Hide the names of people or profane language

Single words or sentences and paragraphs can be hidden. If a word / phrase is part of a longer comment the word / phrase, it is replaced with three asterisk symbols.

This feature is only available to Site Admin licensed users. A site admin can setup hidden words & phrases for all other users who have access to comments.

  1. Go to Reports > Comments.

  2. Click the Gear icon near the top right corner of the page.

  3. Within hidden words / phrases you can import a .csv list or manually add words and phrases using the search bar within the window.

  1. Click OK to view the updated comments. Note: comments that are completely hidden will be removed from the comment count and word cloud.

  2. Clicking RESET will remove all hidden words / phrases that have been imported or manually added.

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