Response Rate Strategies

A high response rate is crucial for the success of any survey program. TalentMap, renowned for its employee surveys, has achieved an impressive average response rate of 80%. In this article, we will explore effective strategies to help you surpass this benchmark and maximize your survey participation.

Survey Launch

Create Excitement and Engagement To kickstart your survey, organize an engaging event such as a coffee and donuts gathering. Use this opportunity to introduce the survey, generate enthusiasm, and inform employees that the survey link will be available in their inbox upon their return. Encourage them to take 20-25 minutes to complete it at their desks.

Management Team Promotion

Lead by Example Engage the management team by encouraging them to personally promote the survey. A brief walk around the office by managers, endorsing the importance of the survey, can be impactful. Additionally, empower department managers to motivate their teams, fostering a friendly interdepartmental competition that drives participation.

Company-wide Contest

Incentivize Participation To incentivize achieving a target response rate, hold a company contest. Announce that names will be entered into a draw only if the desired response rate, such as 80%, is reached. Prizes could include tickets to sports events, restaurant certificates, a pizza lunch, a bottle of wine, or even an iPad.

Department Contest

Encourage Team Effort To further promote participation, hold a contest among departments. Offer a reward, like a pizza lunch, to the department with the highest response rate by the end of the first week. This creates friendly competition within the organization and encourages employees to rally their teams.

Survey Champion

Foster Individual Advocacy Designate a survey champion who will actively promote the survey by conducting a walk-around, engaging employees, and asking if they have completed the survey. This personal touch can motivate employees to participate and emphasize the significance of their input.

Survey Wind Down

Appreciate Employee Participation Once the survey concludes, organize a wind-down event with coffee and donuts, expressing gratitude to all participants. This gesture reinforces the importance of their contributions and leaves a positive impression of the survey process.

Allow Time for Survey Completion

To facilitate maximum participation, offer employees the opportunity to wrap up their working day 30 minutes ahead of schedule, giving them ample time to complete the survey without feeling rushed. This shows respect for their time and emphasizes the survey's significance.

Charity Donation

Linking Feedback to a Good Cause Inform employees that, for every survey response received, the company will make a donation (e.g., $2-$5) to a chosen charitable organization. This approach highlights the broader impact of their participation, making it a win-win situation for both employees and the community.

Achieving a high survey response rate is essential for a successful survey program. By implementing the strategies outlined above, including creating excitement, incentivizing participation, and acknowledging employee efforts, you can surpass the average response rate and gain valuable insights from your workforce.

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