Can I turn off the confidentiality similarity warning message?

TalentMap enforces a strict algorithm to preserve the confidentiality of individual responses which can sometimes affect the ability to filter within small demographic groupings that are above the surveys confidentiality threshold. This may not apply to all users, specifically in HR that are generating reports for small merged groups. For those individuals, the organizations Site Admin has the option to turn off this algorithm for desired users. To do so, please follow these steps.

  1. Go to Admin > Users, then click on a users name.

  2. Click the checkbox "Remove Filter Similarity Warning".

Important - The survey confidentiality threshold for responses (typically set to 5) will still apply.

Report Filter Confidentiality

To preserve the confidentiality of individual responses, TalentMap keeps track of the results of the snapshot reports run by each user. If the set of people in a given report is too similar to the set of people in a recent report then it can become possible to see if a given person responded positively or negatively to a survey. When this occurs we will block the snapshot from being displayed to you in order to ensure the privacy of those respondents.

For instance, filtering the results to see only the result of men or women is generally a legitimate thing to do as they will often have different responses about things like work/life balance. But if a specific department has only one woman in it, and the results are filtered to include only men, then the effect is to remove a single person from the snapshot report. In that case you can easily identify the person who was removed, and if the results shift to be more positive you then know that she responded negatively to the survey.

The system keeps track of the last five reports that were run by each user, and the result of each new filter must differ by at least five respondents from one of those recent reports in order for it to be returned.

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