Should we focus on dimensions with low scores?

Not necessarily.

It is important to remain focused on what drives engagement rather than low scores.

Engagement is what motivates your employees to be their best. It could be, for instance, that your organization scores low on one area, such as Work/Life Balance. However, if that area does not have a strong statistical relationship to Engagement, an investment of time and resources to improve that area will not have a large impact on Engagement.

It is human nature to want to invest in the areas that score the lowest; however, if the focus is on improving engagement, the focus should remain on those areas that affect engagement the most.

Investing in areas where the scores are low but have shown statistically do not have a strong relationship with engagement, will likely result in improved scores in that area and perhaps some internal complaining will subside, but little or no improvement in the organization's overall engagement scores.

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