The insights report is a granular extension of key driver analysis and will help you better understand three important things about your survey results:

  • The relative impact of specific dimensions and items on engagement.

  • Why employees responded the way they did to the survey topics, including their comments, insights and suggestions for improvement.

  • Which survey items offer opportunity for improvement or are a strength and can be leveraged.

Each insights report is meant to dive deeper into a key driving dimension (key driver analysis is located in the snapshot report) and outlines the top three items in the survey with relative comments.

Not all users will have access to this report page. If you are a system administrator and would like access, please contact your TalentMap Project Manager or email

Insights Page Overview

  1. Go to Reports > Insights

  2. Select a survey. Note: If this is the first time the survey has been selected by a user, the system will take several minutes to prepare the comments.

  3. Select the outcome you wish to measure. Compass will select Organizational Engagement by default. The second dropdown will sort dimensions highest to lowest by impact. The pane in the bottom left of your screen will show items within the dimension sorted by impact and provide comments relating to the item on the right side of your screen.

Strengths & Opportunities - Dimensions and / or items may show a profile with a strength or an opportunity. These are measured compared against the survey benchmark and must be at least 2 points above (strength) or below (opportunity) the benchmark.

  1. Click on a survey item to update the list of associated comments.

  2. Select a demographic value in the demographics dropdown if you wish to compare subgroups. Note: Similar to correlations reports, only subgroups with 30 or more responses will show key items and comments.

  1. If there are comments that don't relate to the survey item, click the X next to a comment to hide it. A new comment will be added at the bottom of the list. Click Reset to unhide original comments.

  2. Click Export to create a PowerPoint deck that includes the top 3 key items with comments.

Important to Note: Comments relating to an item are calculated from all sections of the survey that use open ended verbatim comment questions.

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