Why am I getting invalid entries in my import log?

TalentMap performs several checks when you add contacts to Email Campaigns, to help ensure that you send your emails to clean lists.

Email Address Requirements

TalentMap performs the below checks when you add email addresses to Email Campaigns or Contact Lists.

This practice ultimately mitigates against a high bounce rate for your campaign and ensures as many messages as possible reach their intended recipients (not to mention, it reduces the likelihood of recipients marking email as spam).

TalentMap will check your contact lists to make sure that your contacts meet the below requirements. Contacts that fail to meet these requirements will be prevented from being added to your campaign or list.

Contact is a valid email address TalentMap will make sure that an email address that you are adding/uploading to your campaign or contact list is in-fact, a valid email address.

Jane.Smith@yourcompany.com is a valid email address, whereas Jane.Smith@, @yourcompany, or Jane are not.

Email address is not a group email TalentMap will not send email to any addresses uploaded to Email Campaigns that are considered group emails such as sales@yourcompany.com or info@abc.com.

If you are uncertain as to wether an email is valid or not. There are simple online tools such as Email Checker to check for validation.

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