TalentMap Employee Engagement Questionnaire

TalentMap unveiled its enhanced Employee Engagement questionnaire in October 2022. Click on the link below to access the full survey. If you are making changes to the survey, please use track changes to highlight your modifications.

The following are the key highlights of the questionnaire design:

Overall Questionnaire

TalentMap’s enhanced employee engagement questionnaire better captures the most important organizational dynamics that impact and drive employee engagement, which now is measured in terms of how connected employees are to the organization as a whole, as well as how energized and inspired work teams are to go the extra mile.

Organizational Engagement

A slightly revised five-item Organizational Engagement dimension now includes a question about overall satisfaction with the organization as a place to work and a question about the likelihood of accepting a position with another employer within the next 12 months to assess retention vulnerability. This dimension assesses how connected employees are to the organization as a whole – i.e., their pride in the organization, optimism about the future, likelihood of recommending the organization, likelihood of staying with the organization and overall satisfaction with the organization as a place to work.

Team Engagement

This new dimension represents an important enhancement to how we examine engagement. In addition to Organizational Engagement, which measures how connected employees are to the organization as a whole, Team Engagement measures the immediate team dynamic – i.e., the overall energy level of the team and the extent to which the team is inspired to go above and beyond the call of duty. This dimension includes questions about the team continuously striving to improve performance, producing outstanding quality work, taking ownership of problems or issues until resolved, going to great lengths to please internal/external customers, etc.

My Role

A new dimension that clearly focuses on role clarity, sense of accomplishment, skills and abilities utilization and enjoyment of the work itself.

Systems and Resources

A new dimension that assesses the extent to which employees have the systems and resources (training, materials, equipment, information, etc.) they need to do their jobs well. This dimension often correlates highly with Team Engagement.

Growth and Development

A new question has been added to this section to determine whether employees feel the organization is doing a good job of developing leaders.


A new internal equity question has been added to this dimension to assess the extent to which employees feel they are being paid fairly compared to what they know about other employees in similar roles within the organization.

Performance Management

This dimension has been expanded to make it broader in scope than simply focusing on the formal performance appraisal. It now includes questions about employee accountability and whether the immediate manager is providing constructive feedback, coaching, and guiding, recognizing good performance, etc.

Organizational Culture

This new dimension includes items that capture several aspects of an organization’s culture that are more intangible than other dimensions in the survey but are very critical and correlate highly with engagement. It includes questions about the organization treating employees with respect and dignity, caring about its people, creating an environment where it’s safe to speak up, operating with integrity, etc.

Immediate Manager

Given the critical role that the immediate manager plays in inspiring employees and work teams, this dimension has been enhanced to include several new questions about the immediate manager helping employees understand how their work contributes to organizational success, inspiring the team, acting on employee suggestions and being an effective leader.

Senior Leadership

Similar to the critical importance of inspiring leadership by the immediate manager, the Senior Leadership dimension has been enhanced to include several new questions about the extent to which the senior leadership team is doing an effective job of establishing priorities, being visible, inspiring employees and leading the organization. A new question also has been included to gauge whether employees believe senior leaders will act on the survey results.

Diversity and Inclusion (optional dimension)

A completely revised and enhanced optional Diversity and Inclusion dimension now captures respectfulness and inclusion dynamics for team members, work colleagues, the immediate manager, and senior leaders.

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