Search Comments by Meaning

Search by meaning uses semantic search to analyze the context of employee feedback. It identifies comments with similar meanings, even if the comments have different words or phrases. Use search by meaning to:

  • Identify key themes and trends: Quickly understand the most prevalent issues impacting engagement, retention, productivity etc.

  • Uncover hidden insights: Discover underlying reasons behind employee sentiment that may not be apparent through quantitative data alone.

Please note: This feature requires the use of AI. Please let your TalentMap Project Manager know if you would AI enabled for your Organization. Only users with permission to see comments will have access to comment meaning.

How to Search by Meaning

  1. Reports > Comments. Within the search bar click the dropdown and select Meaning.

  2. Enter one or more words into the search bar. This example uses the words "stress health". Comment count and word cloud will update to show dimension rank and most frequently used words associated with the search.

  1. Export to PDF or Excel. Bulk export will automatically include comments with meaning by demographic group selected.

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