Heatmap Overview

A heatmap report creates a visual comparison across the entire organization based on demographic groups. It shows you the highs and lows in overall results at a glance.

Create a Heatmap

  1. Click Reports > Heatmap.

  2. Select a survey from the survey dropdown, then choose a demographic from the demographics dropdown. The Compare To dropdown allows you to compare against:

    • Overall (the entire organization)

    • Filtered Results (from any filter created in the top rights corner)

    • Previous Period (if applicable)

    • Compare against another demographic group from the participant information file.

  1. Click the percentage icon to view the percent favourable score instead of the delta value. Click the swap axis icon to show demographic groups along the Y axis.

  2. To view the question scores, open one of the dimensions by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the dimension, or use the expand / collapse all buttons in the left corner of the heatmap to view all questions.

Filter a Heatmap

  1. Click Filters in the top right corner. Available data will be displayed in the center column where you can choose between Demographic, Survey Item and Date. Once a field is selected, you will see the available filter options in the right column. Check the boxes for data you would like to filter, then click OK.

  1. You can apply multiple filters by clicking the + button in the left column.

  2. Compare results to other demographics by clicking the Compare To dropdown.

Export a Heatmap

  1. Click Export in the top right corner. This will save the Heatmap to an Excel file.

  2. When viewing the Heatmap in Excel, you can view only Dimension scores or click on the second sheet at the bottom of the file to view Dimension and Item scores.

  3. Any demographic and/or filter details will appear in cell A1 on both Excel sheets.

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