Dashboards are great for displaying the most important aspects of the survey data or can provide "at a glance" metrics for ongoing surveys.

This article explains how the dashboard editor tool works in Compass. It is important to note that before configuring a dashboard you should first consider what story you want to tell with the data. We strongly suggest speaking with your project manager or consultant before deploying a dashboard for your survey results.

Dashboard Editor Basics

  1. Go to Admin > Results > Survey Title > Dashboard.

  2. Create a title for the dashboard which will appear in the export and on the dashboard webpage.

  1. Click on one of the cell types in the second column. Drag and drop a cell type anywhere on the dashboard editor grid.

  1. Click the pencil icon within a cell, then select the size, survey dimension, title etc. Click the trashcan on a cell to remove it from the editor grid.

  1. Add another cell and repeat step 4.

  2. Click Review to view a powerpoint export of the results.

Dashboard Editor Tips

  • When a cell has a dashed outline that means no content has been added. Click the pencil icon to edit the cell.

  • When a cell is has a red outline that means that it is overlapping or on top of another cell. Drag the cell within the grid until it has a grey outline to avoid overlap. Note: Cells that overlap will not show in the dashboard webpage or export.

  • When designing a dashboard it is helpful to have Compass open on two screens. Screen one showing the dashboard editor page and screen two with the dashboard webpage. Add an update to the editor page then refresh the webpage to view the result.

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